Virus Removal

Virus  and Malware Removal Services

CobWeb Marketing in Mountain Home, Idaho is into your computer virus’s. We want to remove them from your system and get you back to doing what you do best. Give us a call 7 days a week as late as 8pm to see if we are available to work on your computer. We’ll be fair, we are trustworthy and we will not leave you wondering.

Remove virus

Every week at least 2 people from the Mountain Home, Idaho area call us to ask about removing a virus, scareware, ransomware or malware from their computer. With some experience, good advice and sound computer skills you will be able to disinfect your computer all by yourself. We encourage this but also know the 15-20 hours required to get you safely back to using your computer might be just too much for most folks.

Remove scareware like FBI

We have the experience, know how and the patience to get your computer cleaned of almost every virus out there in the wild. We’ve recently dealt with the FBI Scareware, Rootkit MBR and the Trojan Flame virus successfully and defeated them handily on a number of occasions. Please let us help you get your computer, your software, documents and photos back.

There have been 3 occasions in the last 9 months that we actually gave up and couldn’t clean a clients computer. Some nuts are just too hard to crack and some computer are so badly affected that a complete wipe / reformat of the operating system would have been required. All these clients decided to try other methods on their own to varying degrees of success.


Cost: There is an initial $75 service fee.
The cost will increase depending on the severity of the infection, and time spent cleaning your system. Our average virus cleaning fees are now running at a total of $95 cost to you.

Time: We can usually have your clean computer back to you in 2-3 days but no guarantees. Virus’s and malware removal is a time consuming task.

 What we need:
1. Your computer. Drop it off at our office / home at 1350 Amber Dr Mountain Home, Idaho 83647
2. We need all “User” login / password including the admin account.
3. If possible we would like your System Repair Disk for Microsoft Windows Operating System.
4. Your phone and e-mail address.