I offer a solution to the high cost of the initial visit to your customer on Mountain Home Air Force AFB or in Mountain Home, Glenns Ferry, Pine, Featherville and/ or Grand View .

This is how it works:
1.  I travel to your customers workplace/location.
2.  Meet and greet the customer.
3.  Evaluate the problem customer is having with your product/service.
4.  Take pictures, video and/or notes of what I find on location.
5.  E-mail pertinent data (pictures/video/notes) and call your company with a full report.

How do you save by subcontracting with CobWeb Marketing?
1.  A round trip from Boise/Twin Falls will take approximately 2 hours.
2.  At approximately 100 miles for the Boise/Twin Falls to Mountain Home area, you will pay for about 4.5 gallons of gas.
3.  Minimum time to put eyes on the customer is approximately 1.5 hours.

Subcontracting with CobWeb Marketing of Mountain Home Cost
1.  $17.00 an hour – minimum 2 hours.
2.  $0.31 a miles outside of the Mountain Home/Mountain Home AFB area.

Contact me so we can discuss a solution to the high cost of your initial problem call into the Mountain Home, Idaho area.

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