Social Media Manager

Your Idaho Social Media Manager – Good for business

Cost: $150 – $300 a month for me to handle your business socialization activities and posts.

What I’ll do as your Social Media Manager: Sign your business up for the most advantageous social media sites. Set up or revise relevant, pertinent and professional profiles. Make posts, comments and uploads to give your business/organization a lasting social connection with potential customers.

Social media manager in Idaho

Why Social: To help with brand recognition, brand stickiness and indirectly to drive business to you. Social media, in my opinion will only slightly increase sales or service buy-in’s. Your website will be the main driver of sales, customer service and branding. You own and maintain your own website don’t you? I will not even attempt any social media for a business that doesn’t maintain a website.

Let’s sit down to see how Linked-In, Facebook, Vine, Instagram, Twitter, Pintrest and other social media sites can benefit you and your business. Use my Contact Me form or call me to discuss what this important part of today’s business can do you.

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