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Business Computer Printers and Printing Out “Stuff” – Go Paperless Idaho

Who uses a computer printer these days?  I do, but only for our weekly grocery shopping list.  That and all the other “stuff” businesses, our government and most organization insist we must print out. In reality, they may insist but it’s just a silly “we’ve always did it this way” policy most of the time.

stop printing forms

Stop the madness today.  Encourage co-workers, the boss, friends and family that computer printers and printing “stuff” is expensive, mostly unnecessary and harder to store/archive.

CobWeb Marketing will gladly turn your employment applications, enrollment forms and just about any form you regularly print into the industry standard Adobe PDF formatted forms.   These forms can be created so others can:

  •   Download them from your website, on-line accounts or even e-mail them.
  •   Electronically Fill-in, Edit and Save the PDF Form so it can be sent via e-mail or uploaded to an on-line source such as the could.
  •   Save time, paper, printer ink and the cramping of their writing hand.

Please use my handy Contact Us form or call me to discuss how your business or office can save time, money and resources by going “Paperless”.

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