I’m Tim Bondy owner/operator of “CobWeb Marketing and much more” in Mountain Home Idaho.

Tim Bondy of CobWeb Marketing

CobWeb Marketing has been around in one form or another since 2001 and we have changed focus a few times during this period.  Currently my main focus is to help solve the problems business owners and individuals face every day. Whether it’s technology issues, time constraints, lack of customers, a need to increase profits or the need to decrease expenditures, I will be here for you.

In short, I want to be your business solutionist. I want to solve some or even most of your business problems. I will take on any business challenge and turn them into positives. But I cannot help without you taking that 1st step.  Fill out my Contact Us form or give me a call to get started.

As Your Solutionist I Will Provide the Following Services:
1.  Virus Removal and Computer Malware Disinfection:  Face it, there are bad folks out there and they will eventually install a virus or malware on your computer.  You can prevent this in most cases but not always.  We can disinfect your computers and in most cases have you all clean and safe within 72 hours of starting work.

2. Create WordPress Websites: Smart responsive business and organizational websites so we can expand upon, build and foster a real 21st century business model.  Okay, what I really mean is your business or organization needs and is expected to have a website in the year 2013.  Will your competition be on-line before you?

3. Help You Go Paperless: Create fillable, saveable and electronically transmittable forms and applications for businesses and organizations. The promise of a paperless society is starting to take shape one form at a time in Idaho.  Will your business lag behind or will you be known as an innovative and forward looking operation.

4. Become Your Social Media Manager: Facebook? Twitter? Google + and Google Places? Pintrest? LinkedIn? Yelp? Where the heck do you start and how “social” can you be? Let me be your social media solutionist.  It’s here, it’s the wave of the near future so don’t be left behind.  Get social with help from CobWeb Marketing and much more.

5. Help with Your Reputation Management: Do you know what people are saying about your business? Are people writing fair and unbiased reviews about your company and/or products? You only get one chance to make a first impression but with reputation management you might get a second chance to turn a negative into a positive.  Let’s talk and find out what other are writing about you.

6. Subcontract for “out of area” Companies: Help companies/businesses in southern Idaho (and beyond) do business in a smarter, more economical way around Elmore County and Mountain Home Air Force Base. Let me be the first “touch that customer” in a smart and friendly fashion. I’ll find out what your customer wants, delve a little deeper into the problem and relay this information back to your home office. You can then get the right person out to the site with the right tools to solve the problem.

7. Be Your Forensic Photographer: Time stamped and embedded geo-location photography for insurance, your real estate needs and/or conflict resolution. In town, in the hills or out in the woods…I’ll get those photos, videos and information you need to make smart, quick decisions.

8. Outdoor Recreation Planning: Looking for a place to hike, hunt, fish or ATV? Just looking for a cool place to see in Elmore County? How about Owyhee County? I will provide “electronic maps”, Google Earth tracks and files for your GPS unit (some of them).

9.  Janitorial Services:  Life sometimes gets in the way of doing the right things.  I will clean your office/business/home after hours so you can get some well deserved “at home” time or family and friends time.  Customers appreciate clean floors, counters and bathrooms.  Let me help.

10.  Non-Medical Senior Care:  Does someone in your family or home needs additional help to make their/your life better?  I will help by providing light housekeeping chores like cooking, cleaning and taking out the garbage.  How about accompanying your loved ones to doctors’ appointments, church or other activities. I have been trained to assist with personal care, such as bathing, dressing and toileting.  Let me know and we can discuss this delicate subject in person.

11.  Pet Sitting:  I will watch your pets in your home while you are away.  It happens…emergency out of town trips and you need someone to care for your dog, feed your cats or change water in that fish tank/aquarium.  Whether it’s for 2 days or 2 weeks I will take good care of your pets because I think of pets just like you do, as a family member.

Click on each item above to learn more about the services and products I offer. Want to get a good ball park figure of the cost of my services? I have a full price list and for the most part I charge a $16.00 hourly rate.

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